In 2013 Chris came on board and in no time was promoted to President in 2016 and CEO in 2020. Chris leads with the company vision at the forefront.  Our vision to this day has not changed and guides us to combine passion, partnership and service so that we can redefine and lead our industry. With Chris captaining the ship, the company is very close to achieving this . We are ambitiously determined on executing a strategic plan that lists goals as recruiting and growing the right team, laying the foundation for a firm and scalable business, and increasing sales in our all our categories and services, just to name a few.


Prior to joining to joining the company Chris took time to focus on helping his native Mantoloking, NJ recover and grow stronger after the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. All his various relief efforts and fundraising gave him expert knowledge and experience when it came to dealing iwth Federal, State, and County disaster policy and relief. Chris fondly remembers that time as both personally and professionally rewarding. 


Prior to that, Chris had spent almost 15 years overseas. Chris was charged with managing government relations for a Fortune 100 Company in Asia. His team of 100+ professionals from over 23 countries rallied behind is exemplary leadership and looked to his positive attitude and willingness work alongside them as their guidepost.


Chris and his wife met at the University of Vermont and they have been together ever since. Their family includes their two children Connor and Haley. Chris enjoys paddleboarding in both NJ and Florida while his wife spends her free time in the garden. Chris' many accomplishments include a double major in History and Political Science from the University of Vermont and a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School.