Make Your Own Face Mask

Make Your Own Face Mask


We're here to empower you with the resources you need to protect yourself and contribute to your community. First up....becoming a mask making warrior!

what you need: 

  1. 20 inches by 10 inches of 100% cotton fabric or cotton-blend, high thread count (anti-microbial pillowcases or bed sheets will also work)
  2. 55 inches by 3/4 inches wide piece of fabric for ties, avoid elastic it does not wash well
  3. Sewing machine or a needle and thread will do.
  4. Scissors
  5. Safety pins or clips to hold fabric in place.
  6. Iron

Step 1

Pre-shrink your fabric by washing it and then iron is flat to prepare for cutting. You want to measure a 18 inches by 8inches rectangle, you can use a marker or chalk to mark guides where you need to. Cut along these guides.

Step 2

Now onto the straps... Fold the fabric twice lengthwise, then once more to tuck the rough edges inside. Sew a straight line along the middle. Pro-tip: An easy no-sew way if you are using a flat sheet is to snip the edge of one of the hems, then tear all the way down and now you have a one long tie piece.

Step 3

Now take the rectangular piece and fold top and bottom (the longest sides) about 1/2” over, using the iron to press the top and bottom fold will make the next part easier.

Step 4

Sew a stitch about 1/4” from folded edge on top and bottom lengthwise hem.

Step 5

Fold the piece in half and stitch the open side 1/2” from edge.

Step 6

Take this piece and center the new seam you just created.

Step 7

Open both sides of the seam you just created and lay them flat to be pressed with your iron. This will help to make the mask less bulky. Take this piece and now turn it inside out.

Step 8

Time to create the tunnels. If you made the tie from step 1, then sew the tunnels around 1/2” or a little more wide. If you are using other material or a shoelace just make sure to add about 1/4” extra space to fit the material through the tunnels.

Step 9

Now, sew one additional side, top or bottom. Pro-Tip: Experienced sewers can make this additional stitching when they are making the tunnels by reverse sewing back and then rotating the mask piece. If you are using needle and thread just make stitch this opening closed after you sewed the tunnels.

Step 10

Now you’ve created the tunnel for which we will loop the tie through, as well as a pocket should you want to insert a coffee filter, vacuum bag fabric, etc. 


All that's left it to feed your tie through the tunnels. Attach a safety pin to one end, use it to feed the tie using your fingers to guide it through and you are done! Optional step: Add a coffee filter, air filter, etc., whatever you like in the pocket for additional protection.

Care Instructions: Machine wash in hot water before first use and after every use going forward mask has pocket/opening for inserting optional additional filters, please make sure to remove them before washing.

Now that you've made your mask we would love to see it! Post a image on LinkedIn or Instagram and use hashtag #HospitalityHeroes and we may feature your image on our pages!



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