Complete Guide to Incontinence Bed Pads

Complete Guide to Incontinence Bed Pads

Product Spotlights | 5/11/2021

In long-term care facilities, patients need proper care. Incontinence and wet/dirty bedding can cause skin shearing, pressure ulcers, or rashes.

In many long-term care facilities, residents need permanent help with incontinence. This makes it important to choose the right product for the best results.

Long-term care facility

Yet, not all adult incontinence products are equal. Below we’ll break down how they should work, how to choose one that is right for your residents, and why that right one is our DRY IQ.

How Do Incontinence Pads Work?

A high-quality incontinence pad has bonded layers to absorb liquids without any leaks. The top layers are for absorbency. Some superior pads will have an extra “dry to touch” layer to protect the user from bedsores and shearing.

Bonded layers

An incontinence pad acts as a barrier, keeping the bed protected, while also protecting the resident.

How To Choose Incontinence Products


Here’s a checklist of features to consider when choosing an incontinence pad.

Easy Care. Make sure your incontinence pad can handle rigorous laundering. Look at the materials, fabric breakdown, and construction to ensure it can handle the daily washing that is inevitable.

High Absorbency. Incontinence can lead to large amounts of fluid being released onto the pad. The one you choose should be able to soak it up immediately.

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No Leakage. Once the liquid has entered the pad, nothing should escape. Even when pressure is applied to the pad, it should hold the liquid.

Great Grip and Shape Hold. We move around while we sleep, great grip keeps your pad where it will actually be useful. In addition, bonded padding means the pad won’t lose its shape and be less effective in high-impact areas.

Which incontinence pad has all these features covered and more?

Our DRY IQ is the best choice for your residents. It offers superior wicking technology and a faster drying time. Multiple layers bonded together with an extra “dry to touch” layer provide optimal performance.


DRY IQ - Latest Incontinence Pad Technology

'DRY IQ SHIELD' is the newest, most efficient incontinence pad available on the market. Offering dry-touch technology and superior wicking. It leaves the user feeling dryer and with less skin shearing than with traditional pads. Bonded construction eliminates bunching of the barrier, preventing pressure points.



In conclusion, your residents’ comfort is of utmost importance. Provide them with incontinence products that will minimize discomfort, moisture, and health concerns. Our DRY IQ can do that. Request a free sample and more information here.

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