Hotels of the Future

If you’ve been in a hotel recently I’m sure you’ve noticed that hotels are much more technologically advanced than ever. From booking the room to the in-room experience, tech has changed just about every aspect of the hospitality industry to benefit customers and employees alike. Even opening the door to your room is different than before. Here are some of the most innovative technologies used in the industry today.

Mobile Apps

Catering to guests is the single most important thing hotel employees can do. So it’s not surprising seeing a lot of technology being used to enhance the overall customer experience. With a huge chunk of the population having smartphones, many hotels have developed their own apps as a result. Whether its asking customer service a question or order room service, it can all be done on a mobile app. Many chain hotels don’t even hand out room keys anymore, you just open your room with your phone.

With so many parts of the guest experience being designated to an app, this has streamlined the hotel process. It’s easier to monitor and it allows employees to focus on more important tasks.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly

With global warming being a big issue nowadays, the industry has made a commitment to becoming more sustainable. Many hotels have switched to smart energy management tech to reduce energy costs. This tech has algorithms that learn how users use energy throughout the day to use energy as responsibly as possible. This not only saves energy but money as well in the long run.

Smart energy management tech goes beyond heat and a/c systems. Things such as lighting, water and more all benefit from this. Smart energy tech allows these resources to be used more efficiently. This is why many hotels are ditching keycards for instance, as this prevents plastics being used.

Outside of maintenance, hotels are using more sustainable materials in the guest experience as well. Items such as bed linen, pillows, and towels are made using eco-friendly materials. Similar smart technology maintenance staff uses to monitor thermostats and lights is available for common guests to use.

Robots and AI

Hotels are using robots and AI to provide the best experience possible. Although the adoption of robots is slow, AI is already being used in plenty of hotels as of recent.

Hospitality-oriented robots have been used over the past few years to perform mostly aid human workers with customer service related activities. They’ve been used to carry suitcases, hand out linen towels, provide room service and answer questions. The functionality of robots in the industry is still pretty basic but some hotels have already filled a significant portion of their overall staff with robots.

AI is used behind the scenes. AI is used to collect customer data, which is then used to customize the guest experience to suit their preferences. With hotels serving many guests every day, this data is valuable to cater to them as much as possible. This data is also used for marketing and sales purposes.

Protection of Data

With so much data being collected and used, it is important that the data collected is protected. Data breaches have become a big concern as of recent. Small and large companies alike are getting breached of their data all the time.

Large hotels have already have data protection systems in place but smaller hotels are still slowly adopting this. Thankfully, these solutions are getting more affordable by the day.

These technologies play a big role in the industry today and their roles will only grow. As the hospitality industry continues to focus on sustainability and streamlining the work process you should expect to see more of these technologies and the introduction of newer technologies in the future.

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